1. ~last selfie of 2k13~



  3. new coffee mug



  5. valkilmenow:

    this is me

    no it’s me

    (Source: northernsummer)


  6. cyberscouts:

    Kelly Hill, our virtual recruit answers questions about her Internet life via Skype. 

    skype screenshots are just unflattering selfies you have no control over

    my good friends the cyber scouts are doing cool things


  7. made a cute new top


  8. and so begins the season of “how small can a shirt be until it is no longer considered a shirt”


  9. i have been working at this artist-run centre for almost a month and so far the only art in the gallery has been me; thinking about getting up to some secret installationy shit in the next two weeks while the gallery is closed and the bosses are away but i am getting paid to be here anyway.


  10. today at work i was organizing the archive of past exhibitions and i found an artist who made a thing that was unfortunately similar to a thing i’m working on, which caused me to spend a few hours questioning everything i do, but then i got home and realized mine is way better, so.